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Application of Natural Materials for Engineering Applications
  •     Development of 3D Printed Natural Material Based Polymer Composites
  •     Thermal Insulation Applications of Sustainable Agro Waste Based Materials
  •     Durability of Natural Fibres for Geo Technical / Marine Applications - Friction Damage
  •     Damage Tolerance in Agro Waste Based Sustainable Composites

Ongoing Research Work

Architected Multi Material Product Design and Development
  •     Devevelopment of Architected Multi Material Parts using Additive Manufacturing
  •     Fracture Resistance of Architected Parts
  •     Coating Design  for EV Bearings using Architected Approach
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Sponsored Research

Ongoing Sponsored Research Projects

1 / Customized Multi Material Product Design and Development with 3D Network Metal Based Composites Using Low Cost Additive Manufacturing Route’, DST SERB, 2019-21

2 / Design and Development of Contact Fatigue test Facility for bearings used in High seed Rails and Electric Vehicle, 2019-21, DDP GoI

Completed Sponsored Research Projects


1 / Development and behaviour of polymer Nano composites under dynamic load conditions, 2007-09, NRB, Rs. 18.3 Lakhs,


2 / Nanocomposite gears – design and development, 2007-09, DST, Rs.14.3 Lakhs


3 / Development and performance of boron carbide based coatings on 304L stainless steel, 2006-2008, IGCAR, Rs.10.2 Lakhs (as CoPI)

4 / Evaluation of high cycle fatigue behaviour of repair welds of AISI 410 stainless steels made using (a) ER 316L and (b) ER410 filler wires and its comparison with the AISI 410 base metal, 2008-2010, IGCAR, Rs.19 Lakhs (as CoPI)

5 / Development of an oral simulator, 2005-08, MHRD, Rs. 17 Lakhs

6 / New sintered bearings – performance, 2000-03 MHRD Rs. 6 Lakhs

7 / Polymer composite gear studies, 2002-05, DST, Rs.12.7 Lakhs.

8 / Sintered gear design (Career Award), 2000–03, AICTE, Rs. 13.15 Lakhs

9 / Artificial orthopaedic implants –reliability, 2002 -05, MHRD Rs. 10 Lakhs

Image by Matthias Kinsella

Industrial Consultancy

Interactions with Industries – Consultancy (major only)

Many Consultancy Projects with

Image by Markus Spiske

Special Lectures Delivered

Delivered many invited/keynote lectures in many reputed Institutes, Research Laboratories and Industries in India, USA, Japan, Canada, Thailand, and Malaysia.

Recent Few:


  • Delivered Invited Lecture at 10th India Trib Intrenational Conference held during 1-4 Dec 2019 on ‘Thermo Tribo characteristics of Polyester base Lattice structure composities, at IISC Bengaluru.

  • Delivered Keynote Lecture at 5th Asian Symposium on Materials and Processing, Bangkok, held during 7-8 Dec 2018 on ‘Development and stability of the network type polymer composite under tribo conditions'

  • ‘Contact Fatigue Studies under Electrical Environments’ Ms NSK Bearings, Japan Oct 2018.


  • ‘Interactive Engineering Education’ at IGCN 2017, Nagaoka, Japan.


  • ‘Engineering the Surfaces – A new approach’ NSAMP21017, 21 Jan 2017, Govt Engg College Palakadu.


  • ‘Engineering Education for Next Generation’ EngiNEX, TCS Siruseri, 19.8.2015


  • ‘Engineering Education - Challenges’, GIGAKU 2015, Japan.


  • ‘Tribo Research at IIT Madras’ NSK Bearings, Tokyo, Japan, 22 June 2015


  • ‘Overview of Research on Materials at IITM’ Hitchi Automotive (HIAMS), Tokyo, 2015

Image by Kristaps Grundsteins

Conferences Organized

1 / Indo Japan Bilateral Symposium on Futuristic Materials & Manufacturing, July 2018, IIT Madras

2 / National Conference on Design and Manufacturing Issues Relevant to Automotive and Allied Industries, July 10-11, 2009 IIITDM & IIT Madras

3 / Indo Japan Conference on Damage Tolerant Design and Materials IIT Madras, NUT Japan, JSME, AMM, Dec 18-20, 2004

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