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Presented at National Conferences

2000 - 2004

Image by Jean-Philippe Delberghe

30 / S Senthilvelan and R Gnanamoorthy ‘Design and manufacturing of short fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite gears’, 3rd ISAMPE National Conf on Composites, Pune, Oct 2004, 176-181.

29 / S Senthilvelan and R Gnanamoorthy ‘Effect of gear tooth fillet radius on the performance of injection molded polymer gears’, 21st AIMTDR Conference, 20-22 Vellore, Dec 2004. 762-767.

28 / K. C. Gopalakrishnan and R. Gnanamoorthy, “Design and Analysis Of Oral Simulator” 11th National Conf of Machines & Mechanisms, New Delhi, Dec 2003.

27 / S Senthilvelan and R Gnanamoorthy ‘Condition monitoring and failure analysis of composite gear’, 11th National Conf of Machines and Mechanisms, New Delhi, Dec 2003, 278-282.

26 / R. Ramesh and R. Gnanamoorthy, ‘Fretting wear behaviour of as received, through hardened En24 steel against bearing steel’, 11th National Conf of Machines and Mechanisms (NaCoMM), Dec, 2003,IIT New Delhi, p. 660.

25 / J. Krishnakumar, N. Govindarajan, and R. Gnanamoorthy, ‘Failure analysis of powder metal parts under Rolling contact fatigue (Ferrographic approach)’, Fourth NSRS, Indian Institute of Metals, Chennai, 2002.

24 / R. Gnanamoorthy, ‘Powder Metal Gear Performance and Contact Fatigue Performance’, National Symp on Materials Processing, IGCAR, 2002, 33-41.

23 / S. Senthilvelan, R. Gnanamoorthy, and G. Srinath, ‘Tribological Behaviour of Few Engineering Plastics" 4th NSRS, IIT Madras, Sept 2002.

22 / R Rosi Reddy and R. Gnanamoorthy, ‘Fretting fatigue behavior of steels: Design and Development of the Fretting Fatigue Test Rig’, MRSI, Kolkata, 2001.

21 / H Ram Prasad, M M Mayuram and R. Gnanamoorthy, Scuffing Behavior of EN 24 Steel, Materials Research Society of India, Kolkata, 2001.

20 / N Rajiv, N Govindarajan, R. Gnanamoorthy, K Gopinath, Y Miyashita, Y Mutoh, ‘Influence of density on the rolling contact fatigue behavior of sintered steels’, Powder Metal Assn of India, Jaipur, p 37, 2001.

19 / N Rajiv, R Gnanamoorthy and K Gopinath, ‘Rolling Contact Fatigue behavior of sintered steels, Indian Institute of Metals, Bhilai, p 182, 2000.

18 / R Gnanamoorthy and N Arun Kishore, ‘Friction and wear behavior of intermetallics’, Indian Institute of Metals, Bhilai, p 195, 2000.

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