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Post Graduate Student Projects

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M. Tech.
(Project Guidance)

Image by Jean-Philippe Delberghe


1 / Ashokan K, Design and fabrication of dynamic loading gear test rig,1998

2 / V Raja, Design and fabrication of high speed reciprocating wear test rig, 1999


3 / Bhukya Bheemji, Design and analysis of high temperature wear test rig, 1999

4 / K Sreenivas Naidu, Design of test facility for testing sintered gears under variable loading, 2000


5 / K Sudhir Yadavrao, Design and analysis of fretting fatigue test machine, 2000


6 / B Janardhanan, Study of contact stresses and modelling of crack propagation, 2002


7 / Muthukumar, A Modelling and analysis of gear failures, 2003


8 / Mahalingam M, Design, modelling and simulation of a gear test rig, 2003


9 / Kshirsagar Vikas V, Gear testing and condition monitoring, 2003


10 / Gopalakrishnan K C, Design modelling and simulation of oral simulator, 2003


11 / Krishnakumar J, Influence of hardening on the rolling contact fatigue behavior of powder metal alloy steels 2003, (Serves ats Principal, Anna Terasa College of Engg, Panruti)


12 / Muthu Kumar A, Modelling and analysis of gear failures, 2003


13 / Dilip Kumar V, Simulation and analysis of liquid jet peening process, 2004


14 / Abdul Hameed, H Design and development of programmable dental restorative material wear simulator, 2004


15 / Manjit Kumar B, Fretting fatigue behavior of surface modified Al alloy 661 T6 in plane bending with Dr Ganesh S R, 2004


16 / Bastewad Umakant, Design of an actuator for gear test rig and some studies on gear contacts, 2004


17 / Kalaiselvan G, Design and development of bending fatigue testing machine for polymers, 2005


18 / C Kailasa Nathan, Design and analysis of a jaw motion simulator, 2006


19 / Suneesh M, 3D dynamic finite element analysis of residual stress induced in shot peening, 2006


20 / C Gurunathan, Performance improvement approaches in polymer composite gear, 2007 (Serves at IIITDM Kancheepuram)


21 / Winney K Mathew, Characterization of tribological behaviour of automobile brake pads, 2007


22 / Kodeeswaran M, Characterization of tribological behaviour of automobile brake pads, 2008 (Serves at ISRO, Trivandrum)


23 / Gokulkrishnan E, Ceramic Coatings – A new process development, 2008 (serves as Colonel, Indian Army)


24 / Bala Venkatesh, IIITDM, Solid Particle Erosion Modelling and Evaluation, 2011 (Now PhD Student at Nagaoka Univ, Japan)


25 / Neeruthirajan, IIITDM, Stochastic erosive wear simulation, 2012


26 / Sanas Mayur Moha, IIITDM, Design and analysis of reinforced polymer gears, 2014

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