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International Journal Publications

2020 -

Image by Jean-Philippe Delberghe

119 / Samiksha Moharana, Yuichi Otsuka, R Gnanamoorthy, (2024) Enhancing the fretting damage resistance of suspension plasma sprayed hydroxyapatite coating with Titania addition, Surface and Coatings Technology

118 / Samiksha Moharna, R Gnanamoorthy, Y Otuska (2022) Fretting Wear Characteristics of Suspension Plasma-Sprayed Hydroxyapatite Coating on Titanium Substrate for Orthopedic Applications , Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance

117 / Venkatesh G, R Gnanamoorthy, Okazaki M (2022) Contamination Assessment in metal Foam Flow Fled Based PEMFC Int J Hydrogen Energy, 47 (12) 8015-8025

116 / Singh K, Raman SGS, Gnanamoorthy R, (2022) Effect of Thermal Oxidation Duration on Fretting Wear behaviour of Ti6Al4V in Ringer Solution, Trans of IIM

115 / Venkatesh G, R Gnanamoorthy, Okazaki M (2021) Fretting wear behaviour of nickel foam used in fuel cells’ Proc of the Inst of Mech Engineers, Pt L: Journal of Materials, Design and Applications, 236 (1) 144-155.

114 / Anand Kumar, S., Dumpala, R., Uday Venkat Kiran, K., Gnanamoorthy, R. (2021) Investigation on Elevated Temperature Tribological Performance of Alloy 718 Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering 629-636

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