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International Journal Publications

Image by Jean-Philippe Delberghe

2015 - 2019

113 / Venkata Timmaraju M, Gnanamoorthy R, Kannan K, Monotonic and cyclic bhviour of polyamide 66/hectorite nonocompsoutes in marine environment (2019), Proc of the Inst of Mech Engineers, Pt L: Journal of Materials, Design and Applications 233 (10) 2175-86.

112 / C Gurunathan, R Gnanamoorthy, Thermo-tribological characteristics of polyester compostes containing aluminium particles and network , (2019) Recent Advancemets I Materials and Processing, JSME, 6 (3) 2019.
111 / Venkata Timmaraju M, Gnanamoorthy R, Kannan K, Sriharsha, G, Experimental and numerical prediction of effect of frequency on bending fatigue performance of polyamide 66/hectorite nanocomposite (2018), Plastics, Rubber and Composites, 47 (6) 282-295.
110 / S Anand Kumar, R Sundar, SGS Raman, R Gnanamoorthy, R Kaul, K Ranganathan, K S Bindra, Effect of laser peening on fretting wear behaviour of alloy 718 fretted against two different counter body materials (2017) Proc of the Inst of Mech Engineers, Pt J: Journal of Engg Tribology, 231 (10) 1276-1288.
109 / C Gurunathan, R Gnanamoorthy, S Jayavel, Effect of reinforcement forms in selectively reinforced polymeric composite : temperature distribution under sliding contact conditions, (2016) Int J Plastics Technology, 20 (2), pp. 265-278.
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