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Image by Jean-Philippe Delberghe

MS (by research) (Graduated)

1 / Vikram Kumar Reddy I, 1999
'Stress analysis of Filament wound cylindrical pressure vessel'
Jointly with Dr N Sivaprasad
Now at GE
2 / Rajiv N, 2001
'Rolling contact fatigue behavior of sintered and hardened steels'
Jointly with Dr K Gopinath
3 / Rosi Reddy R, 2001
Fretting fatigue behavior of as received and Sursulf treated C10 steel
4 / Govindarajan N, 2002
'Rolling sliding contact fatigue behavior of sintered & hardened steels'
Now at Rolls Royce, UK
5 / Ram Prasad M, 2002
'Studies on scuffing resistance of hardened and surface treated AISI 4340 steel'
Jointly with Dr M Mayuram
6 / Trinath A, 2008
'Studies on polymer gear failures'
7 / Dharmendra S, 2008
'Fatigue of polymer nano composites'
now at TCS TC
8 / Shanmugavel M, 2008
'Mechanical behavior of welded stainless steels'
Serves at IGCAR, Kalpakka
9 / Ramkumar A, 2009
'Fatigue behaviour of polymer nanocomposites under axial and flexural conditions'
now at TCS TCE
10 / Kriupa Sankar S, 2010
'Performance of polymer nanocomposite gears and life improvement designs'
Serves at NSK Bearings, Japan
11 / Rajeesh K, 2011
'Fatigue of polymer nanocomposites under marine environment'
Serves at NSK Bearings, Japa
12 / Saravanan R, 2011
'Gear Design and Analysis'
Jointly with Dr Raghu Prakash
Serves at GE Bangalore
13 / Krishnanu Mondal, 2021
'Contact Fatigue of bearing steels used in Electric Vehicle'
Serves at Caterpillar,India
14 / Rajib Dutta, 2022
'Design of innovative brake pads for enhancing the heat dissipation'
Serves at OLA Electri
15 / Himanshu Pandey, 2023
'Performance Prediction Due to Contamination in PEM Fuel Cells in Hydrogen Mobility using Machine Learning'
Serves at EXL
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