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B. Tech.

Image by Jean-Philippe Delberghe

1 / Vallabhu Nishanth, Design and analysis of a high speed sliding wear test rig, with Dr K Gopinath, 1998


2 / Deepak D, Design and fabrication of reciprocating wear test rig, with Dr K Gopinath, 1998


3 / Rajiv Raghunathan, Design of speed rolling contact fatigue test rig (Dr KG), 1998


4 / Gandhi L, Design of wear test machine for testing under high pressure environment, 1998


5 / Jagadeesh R, Multi axial fatigue damage evaluation techniques, with Dr M S Sivakumar, 1998


6 / S Swaminathan, Design and analysis of hybrid pressure vessels, with Dr N Siva Prasad, 1998


7 / Srininvasan V, Design and analysis of hybrid pressure vessels, with Dr N Siva Prasad, 1998


8 / Raja Banerjee, Failure analysis using continuum damage mechanics, with Dr M S Sivakumar, 1999


9 / Pritam Ganguly, Failure analysis using continuum damage mechanics, with Dr M S Sivakumar, 1999


10 / Ch Naveen, Comparative study of the constitutive model shape memory alloys with Dr M S Sivakumar, 1999


11 / Arun K Narasani, Tribological properties of structural intermetallics, 2000


12 / Sriram Prasanna J, Stress and strain smoothening using FEM, 2000


13 / Ajoy Sojan, Pressure measurements techniques using prescale film, 2000


14 / Satya Phaneendra K, Design of an experimental set up for liquid jet peening, 2000


15 / Soma Sekhar K V, Design and analysis of modified pin on disc friction and wear test machine, 2001


16 / Anoop Sivanandan, Design modification and fabrication of a variable loading gear test rig, 2002


17 / Abilash, Surface modification of sintered rollers, 2002


18 / Bharathi Shekhar S, Influence of processing parameters on the rolling contact fatigue behavior of sintered steels, 2002


19 / Siddharth Mallick, Design, modelling and analysis of a knee joint simulator, 2002


20 / Srikrishna Chaitanya M, Design and modelling of a wear testing machine to study the knee joint replacements, 2003


21 / Subroto Banerji, Design of tool die system for making duplex pm rollers, 2003


22 / Harish G, Design of gear single tooth bend fatigue test rig, 2003


23 / Mantri Vijay Kumar, Condition monitoring of gears in a absorption type rig, 2003


24 / Suresh M, FEA of residual stresses introduced by shot peening, 2004


25 / Suman Kumar Ch, Gear tooth wear measurement using image analysis, 2004


26 / Shart Kishore M, Design of abrasion roller testing device for evaluating the performance of coal pulveriser rollers, 2004


27 / Subrahmanya S M, Design of coconut water extracting machine, 2005


28 / Balamurali K,, Design of fibre feed mechanism for spinning machine, 2005


29 / Anoop Ivan Chacko, Design and modelling of a bowl mill simulator, 2005


30 / Sony Varghese John, Wear characteristics of advanced dental restorative materials, 2005


31 / Brijendra Singh M, Design of a novel fretting wear machine, 2006


32 / Kunal Kumar, Conceptual design & analysis of high energy ball mills, 2006


33 / Ranji Kumar Ram, Design and development of a high temperature reciprocating wear test device, 2006


34 / Lavanya, Modelling and simulation of a human jaw, 2006


35 / Mihitha Nutakki, IIITDM, Surface modification of polymers and wear simulation of surface treated materials, 2011(Serves at USA)


36 / Allu Sasank Vaibav, IIITDM, A new process for laparoscopic surgery, 2011


37 / Nishita, IIITDM, Development of Gear Test Rig and Study of Performance of Polymer Gear, 2012


38 / Aditya Rao, IIITDM, Development and study of an artificial skin surface, 2012


39 / Nagnishant, IIITDM, Design and Development of a Pin-on-disc Tribometer, 2012


40 / Sriram A, IIITDM, modification in the automative transmission system, 2012


41 / Raj vinesh, IIITDM, Design and Fabrication of Surface 3d Profilometer, 2013


42 / Kumar Abhimanyu, IIITDM, Design of a test facility to evaluate the surface deterioration of cardiovascular stents, 2015


43 / Pramod Yallappa, IIITDM, Quantification of dental crown wear using numerical techniques, 2015 (Pursues Phd at IITM)


44 / Sagar Dolas, IIITDM, Fatigue life estimation of Cardiovascular Stents using Numerical Techniques and Concept Design of Simulator 2015 (Serves at Netherlands)

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