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Presented at International Conferences

1990 - 1994

Image by Jean-Philippe Delberghe

5 / R. Gnanamoorthy, Y Mutoh and Y Mizuhara, ‘Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior of Gamma Base Titanium Aluminides’, in ‘Material and Mechanics Engineering Symposium’, Fuji, Japan Soc of Mech Engs, 1994.

4 / R. Gnanamoorthy, Y Mutoh and Y Mizuhara, ‘Effect of Microstructure and Ternary Addition on Fracture Toughness of Gamma Base TiAl’, in ‘Conf Proc of Japan Soc of Mech Engs, Hiroshima, 223 - 230, 1993.

3 / R. Gnanamoorthy, Y Mutoh and Y Mizuhara, ‘Fracture Toughness of Gamma Base Titanium Aluminides With Ternary Additions At Room and Elevated Temperatures’, in ‘Critical Issues on the Development of High Temperature Structural Materials’, Engineering Foundation Conferences, Hawaii, .217-222, 1993.

2 / R Gnanamoorthy and K Gopinath, ‘Surface Durability Studies on As-Sintered Low Alloy Steel Gears’, in ‘Advances in Powder Metallurgy & Particulate Materials’, Vol 6, Non Ferrous Metallurgy, San Francisco, Metal Powder Industries Federation, New York, USA, .237-244, 1992


1 / R Gnanamoorthy and Y Mutoh, ‘Fracture Toughness of Intermetallic Compounds TiAl and TiAlCr at Elevated Temperatures’, in ‘Materials and Mechanics’, Vol B, JSME, Kanagawa, Japan, 330-336, 1991.

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